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Koch brothers up to no good again – false advertising attacking Obamacare

From the DCCC…

Meet Julie, mother of two. Julie is worried about Obamacare. This is her worried face:

In reality, Julie is the star of the Koch Brothers’ $1 MILLION ad campaign attacking Obamacare.

According to the New York Times, the ad uses a classic tactic:

Julie should be worried… about what Republicans in Congress are doing right now.

Julie, mother of two, will have to pay more for college if Republicans don’t budge on student loan rates.

And this week, Republicans stripped food stamps for the poor from the farm bill. That hasn’t happened since 1973.

They can’t even get their act together to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. (This is how we imagine Republicans’ closed-door meeting went)

So we know you’re worried, Julie.

But no matter what the Koch brothers say, Obamacare’s not the problem.

It’s these guys.


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One thought on “Koch brothers up to no good again – false advertising attacking Obamacare

  1. Go to wikipedia and read Wolin’s Inverted Totalitarianism as a guide to Koch Bros broader game plan to bring us all to heel. using brain dead GOP in the 23 gerrymandered GOP majority state legislatures to effect the legislative templates created by ALEC to create effective state barriers (states rights) to federal laws! This is a long term plan that could include a militia via NRA…remember those who think such speculations are too far fetched a history in the world that says they are not! This is not al about Obama..though for many RW it was the wake up call-that there world is hanging. PBO’s wins twice and the 43% pop growth of Latinos btw 2000 and 2011 means in the 15 years if not sooner ppl of color could be, majority…instead of embracing change…ppl like Koch want to disenfranchise ppl of color, women,seniors, college students,unions,working poor to the point their lives R so tough it is a disincentive to voting.

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